Fun in the comedy world

Adam Sandler laughing.

I love comedy, and that's why I'm doing a stand-up comedy course. I like making people laugh, and it's a joy to hear people laugh at your jokes you tell.


But the hard part is writing jokes that will not only make people laugh, but also make people think. The art of comedy is a very defined art that has to be very intelligent. Because the audience is the judge of what's funny and what's not. Granted, we all have different sense of humor, but it still needs to be compelling.

I enjoy laughing, and I have fun watching and listening to comics, TV sitcoms, and comedy movies. One of the shows I'm currently into is The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher. It's a really great show, and is very intellectual, in-terms of story line. The language in it is hard-hitting, but I think that it's what makes the show what it is, and it pushes the boundaries of people's perception of it. And that for me is what makes a show or movie compelling.

It's a great medium to be in, and I use comedy to make fun of my cerebral palsy. Because if I laugh at my struggles in life, I feel more comfortable with my body. And people can see that it's okay to be different too.

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