The Disability

There's one thing at stops us, or withdraws us from being who we are. We all have a disability of some form. The definition in the current dictionary is a physical or mental disorder. A disorder that cannot be fixed. That is true, and I stand by that.

But to me at least, there's a deeper meaning to the word disability. Having a disability to me means: to be unable to do, feel, or believe something that you desire. We all have that one thing that stops us from doing something we want in life. It's a choice that we have that barrier. If we're afraid to do something in life, then we're creating barriers for ourselves.

People look at somebody like me and say "You've got a disability. What are you on about?"

I have a physical disability that was caused by axisthia at birth. Do I want to have cerebral palsy? Well... I'd rather do without it. But the reality for me is that I do have it. And I struggle from time to time, but I cope with it as best as I possibly can.

A disability is different to everybody. Whether it's physical, mental, or emotional, we all have a disability. Nobody doesn't, except for maybe God. Who knows? He may have one.

My point is, each and every one of us have things in our lives to overcome. Nobody is so special that they should be put on a pedestal. As far as I'm concerned, that's just STUPID!!!!!! Sure, it's great to have idols, but we should be living like we are our own idols too.

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