Sex & Disability

In recent years, I have struggled with my sexual life, and I recently got asked if I can have sex. The answer is yes, I can. In-fact, a lot of disabled people can. After-all, we are only human, and we have the same bodily functions as any other human on earth.

I found the courage to write about this after listening to an amazing podcast by Stuff Mom Never Told You, which you can listen to here because it is super awesome and Cristen and Caroline do an awesome job exploring the topic from a well researched perspective.

For a majority of us, sex isn't an easy thing to get. In my personal experience, I've had sex once, and I'm proud to say that I'm VERY sexual! It's one of those things that I love about myself, and I don't take it for granted by any stretch. It's a aspect that the universe gave me.

And it's something I'm passionate to talk about, not because I'm a sex addict, (not intentionally anyway), but because a lot of "normal" people don't realize, or forget that us disabled folk are people too. That stigma over this topic needs to be demolished, and the disabled community should be able to have access to sex workers, OR, be able to look for a loving partner, and have a healthy relationship. Ultimately, that's the main goal, and I firmly believe there's going to be a revolution for that to be a possibility, and there are disabled people who do have relationships. But until that revolution happens, other options need to be in-place.

So, if you're disabled, or if you're not, sex is a at tool. Understanding how it's beneficial for people like me can help everybody, and maybe one day we would not need sex workers. Maybe one day we only see the beauty in each others eyes whether we're disabled or not. That's the revolution I want to see!

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