I understand your anger

So, there's a bit of a protest going on about Donald Trump being the president elect. The night of the election, people were chanting "Fuck Donald Trump!" and caused a bit of a flurry across America. Within these past few days, people have been angry, frustrated, tired, sad, and above all else, full of fear. That's not a surprise at all to me, and on the contrary they have every right to be fearful. It's not the result people wanted, and they expected Hillary to win. Anger is a natural way to feel at times like these. BUT.... I will say that anger doesn't solve anything! All it does is create more problems. You don't solve problems by fighting, you will only make matters worse. Think about 9

Not The Best Choice

Well here we are, the U.S elections are indeed over, and the result isn't what anyone expected by any stretch of the imagination. We had all hoped it would go one side, but we didn't get that conclusion in the end. It's one of those things where all the what if's play in your minds, and you think of what could've been. It's heartbreaking to see it happen before your eyes, but it's even harder to let it sink in. I'm not going to make light of this event that just happened, because it won't be fair on anyone, and how do you make sense of it anyway? I mean, America is already suffering and it's only been 17 or so hours since the result. Fear is going through people's minds, people who've immigr

Near The End Of 2016

Well the year is coming to a long close, and it's been a HELL OF A FUN YEAR... Well, "fun" as in tiring and frustrating as far as political events go. I mean, Abraham Lincoln must be turning in his grave going "It's the apocalypses!" Well I guess it's not all bad, as we go into with a bang, everybody is working hard towards peace, harmony, joy, and goals. For example: I got offered a 10 minute spot in a local variety show last week, and I was super excited that somebody noticed my talent. Not to brag, but I am pretty talented! Just saying! In all seriousness, for me this year was a great test. People who know me know that I get lazy easily. I'm not proud of it, and I tell myself that I'm not

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