I understand your anger

So, there's a bit of a protest going on about Donald Trump being the president elect. The night of the election, people were chanting "Fuck Donald Trump!"

and caused a bit of a flurry across America.

Within these past few days, people have been angry, frustrated, tired, sad, and above all else, full of fear. That's not a surprise at all to me, and on the contrary they have every right to be fearful. It's not the result people wanted, and they expected Hillary to win. Anger is a natural way to feel at times like these.


I will say that anger doesn't solve anything! All it does is create more problems. You don't solve problems by fighting, you will only make matters worse.

Think about 9/11. It was an awful event in not only America, but in the whole world. It's still not solved.

You think it's going to get solved by hate? No! It not going to get solved that way. The only way that it can be solved in the best way it can is through love. Now I'm not saying that you should love Donald Trump, you can dislike him as much as you want, it won't change the fact that he's the president-elect, but what it will do is create love in other people's hearts. Whether that starts in America or in another country is irrelevant. It has to start somewhere, and it has to be a collective thing. It can't come from one soul. You can fight, but fight in a non-violent way.

Here's some ways to help ease the pain.

  • Talk it out with a group of people in a peaceful, calm manner. Get a small group going, meet up once a week, and have a session of expressing your feelings, and listen to others. Bonding with people is one of the best thing for emotional times. You may not know those people, but meeting new people is a great tool to easing global pain. Plus, meeting new people can benefit you soul, and help you to be at peace.

  • Understand that your world is the most important thing to you. Save an hour per day to focus on yourself. Whether you believe in God or something else, take one hour of your day to connect to the universe. Meditation is a powerful tool to help you and others around the world even though they may not know personally. Meditation effects EVERYBODY.

  • Ask for support from all over the world. It's easy to connect with lite-minded people from anywhere through social media, and although there's some not nice people online, there's some good people (like me) online too. Twitter is a big tool, and it can make people more connected even if they don't know one or another.

As far as I'm concerned, electing Donald Trump as president doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Yes, he's an evil man, but life goes on. Remember, if you're American living in America, you had a chance of changing what the outcome would be. You have a new president now, and what you do in your life is only up to you, and you only. You can continue protesting, OR, you can move away from the situation.

Don't be arsehole here, be the bigger person. It's up to you what to do now.

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