Not The Best Choice

Well here we are, the U.S elections are indeed over, and the result isn't what anyone expected by any stretch of the imagination. We had all hoped it would go one side, but we didn't get that conclusion in the end. It's one of those things where all the what if's play in your minds, and you think of what could've been. It's heartbreaking to see it happen before your eyes, but it's even harder to let it sink in.

I'm not going to make light of this event that just happened, because it won't be fair on anyone, and how do you make sense of it anyway? I mean, America is already suffering and it's only been 17 or so hours since the result. Fear is going through people's minds, people who've immigrated to America are worried that they have to go back to their countries. Woman are fearful that they won't get equal rights to men. The list goes on. And we want to make this world better.

Some of my best friends are American, and the posts they put on Facebook and Twitter broke my heart. All that I can do is send them love.

At this point in time, love is what's needed in America. We can't change the result, we can't change the outcome, but we can spread the love that's needed. And the more we do that, people will feel a little happier.

So, America, hang in there. You're a great country, and you need to ride this period of time out. It's only 4 years at least, may he last that long.

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